AD333 Mini Full Colour Transportable Variable Message Signs (TVMS) feature a solar powered full matrix LED display capable of displaying images, graphics and text. The mini TVMS is ideally suited for road traffic management or roadside advertising and promotion. The web based Control Point software allows you to easily set up a presentation with multiple dynamic images.

The mini TVMS has a display area of 1.28m x 0.89m and is designed with P16 RGB modules. If you are after a video capable trailer, the AD333 can also be fitted with P10 RGB modules for higher resolution. The P10 version is intended to run from mains power as operating from solar will not be sustainable over extended periods.

The TVMS trailer that we produce is easily transportable, programmable and has low maintenance requirements with a long service life. Easy to power up with both powerful solar recharging for field use and integrated mains recharging for onsite use. Display deployment is easy with a built-in electric lifting mechanism, which lifts the display screen up to two metres above the ground providing motorists with an unobstructed view of your message. A jockey wheel and four fold down corner stays make positioning safe and simple for single operators.


  • 1.28m x 0.89m display area. Overall dimensions (L)2.8m x (W)1.3m x (H)2m
  • High brightness full colour 80(w) x 56(h) pixels LED display with 16mm pixel pitch
  • Capable of displaying high-resolution images, graphics and text
  • 110’ rotatable display
  • Linear actuator lift mechanism to raise display up to 2 metres above ground
  • Web based Control Point software to easily set up presentations
  • On-site or remotely programmable
  • High intensity display suitable for bright sun viewing
  • Automatic / Manual brightness control
  • 65 degree viewing angle
  • Single axle, inertia & hand braked trailer with jockey wheel & corner stabilisers
  • Galvanised steel trailer and powder coated aluminium display enclosure
  • High power solar panel with battery capacity for continuous use

Optional Features

  • 128(w) x 80(h) pixels LED display with 10mm pixel pitch
  • 3G/4G remote communication / programming
  • Klamp-it® security wheel locks
  • GPS monitoring and wi-fi connectivity
  • Radar speed detection, triggered messages and logging

AD333 Mini Full Colour Transportable Variable Message Signs Brochure

Mini Full Color Transportable LED
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