Custom Engineering Projects

Whenever you need a contract manufacturer to build a product to exact specifications, or an expert team to research, design and develop a product for the marketplace, A.D. Engineering International will be there to deliver your project to the highest industry standards.

We have the skills and capabilities to design and build almost any type of electronic products, from single prototypes to mass volume packaged products.
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Some examples of Custom Engineering projects:

Flip Dot Signs

A flip dot sign comprises a series of thin plastic brightly coloured dots in a full matrix display that produces text characters or graphic representations for a sign message. Under microprocessor control the dots can be changed (flipped) from the applied fluorescent aspect to a flat colour to show the required text or graphics in vivid contrast.

Typical applications can be seen widely in the transport sector where they are used for passenger information displays – either at the departure point, in transit on roadside displays or transportable signs on trailers or vehicles.

Flip dot signs are also being used as an architectural feature for building interiors. A.D. Engineering International has recently commissioned the world’s largest flip dot sign for a U.S. company (video below). Previously to that, we manufactured a giant flip dot sign for the Siam Paragon Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand.

WVMS Workplace Signs

  • Employee Motivation
  • Employee Safety
  • Production Information
  • KPIs

Public Safety & Direction and several types of Electronic Sensors to give readouts to signs that have Occupational Health & Safety applications in the workplace.

Laser Docking Systems (LDS)

  • Assists with berthing of vessels
  • Indicates distance between the vessel and the jetty
  • Allows docking on both sides of jetty
  • Information displayed in real time

We designed, manufactured and commissioned a Laser Docking System to allow the berthing of vessels, three-times the size of current ships, loading and unloading at the Alcoa Kwinana ‘Finger Jetty’.

The display indicates the metres between the vessel and the jetty, the CMS (Centimetres Per Second), and the rate of the vessel’s advance towards the jetty. The LDS display is mounted 20-metres above the jetty, and with the aid of a rotator, provides 340-degree viewing, allowing docking on both sides of the jetty.

The lasers, positioned at the appropriate points, ensured all information was accurately displayed via a computer in real time for all involved parties to view.

Trivision Signs

  • Suitable for traffic management/advertising applications
  • Low power requirements
  • Can display three different sign aspects
  • Can be manufactured in different sizes

A Trivision Sign comprises of a rectangular aluminium frame housing a series of vertical three-sided prisms under an electric motor and mechanical gearing control to give precise alignment to the prism face. The prism sign can rotate in either direction to show three different sign aspects. These signs can be manufactured in different sizes from 415mm to 6320mm wide and up to 4260mm high.

They are particularly suitable for traffic management applications with low power requirements, where they change infrequently to advise the travelling public of road conditions ahead. They are also used for outdoor advertising applications.