AD319 Changeable Message Sign (CMS), also known as a prism sign, allows up to three different messages to be displayed and provides effective and power efficient road signage. Triangular slats or prisms have three sets of graphics applied to the three separate faces and rotate together to display each message. Power is only required when the message changes.

The AD319 CMS can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations from single to multiple sections. It can be solar or mains powered and has a battery for back-up. A CMS controller provides the interface between the CMS and the traffic management system and can be controlled remotely or locally. A facility switch allows for manual selection of a sign face.

The CMS that we produce is highly visible and has a highly reliable drive mechanism. It is power efficient, maintenance free and has a long service life. Supplied with a high quality aluminium frame construction, it is ideal for Australia’s harsh environmental conditions. Its control system is capable of interfacing to existing traffic management systems and custom protocols, including STREAMS.


  • Highly reliable drive mechanism
  • Highly visible retro reflective sign face with text and graphics
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Power efficient
  • Aluminium frame construction
  • Maintenance free
  • On-site or remotely programmable
  • Control system compatible for interfacing to traffic management systems
  • Can be manufactured to a variety of sizes and configurations

Optional Features

  • Battery back up
  • Solar powered
  • 3G/4G remote communication / programming
  • CMS frame can be painted any colour
  • Interfacing to existing systems and custom protocols

AD319 Changable Message Signs Brochure

Changeable Message Signs
/ Prism Signs

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