About Us

A.D. Engineering International is Australia’s leading manufacturer of high quality electronic equipment for the road traffic ITS industry. Over the last 39 years we have specialised in the design, manufacture and supply of Electronic Signs, Signals, and Displays to provide information, traffic control and road safety.

We are not an importer of electronic equipment – we design and manufacture 100% in Australia. We have many years of experience researching, designing and testing the ideal components for our products, which are designed for and ideally suited to Australia’s harsh environmental conditions.

We are committed to producing the most innovative, reliable and longest service life electronic equipment to meet your specific project requirements. We provide our clients with ongoing support and back up service for the life of the product.

Our product range includes:

  • LED Signs / Variable Message Signs – VMS (Wall, Pole or Gantry mounted)
  • Solar Powered Full Colour Transportable LED Displays / VMS Trailers
  • Flip-Dot Variable Message Signs
  • Changeable Message Signs (CMS) / Prism Signs
  • Electronic Variable Speed Limit Signs – EVSLS (Fixed or Trailer-mounted)
  • Radar Speed Displays (Fixed or Trailer-mounted – SAM trailer)
  • GPS Synchronised Digital Clocks
  • Car Parking Signs and Monitoring Systems
  • Crosswalk Signs
  • Portable Traffic Signals
  • Ramp Control Signs
  • Land Usage Signals (LUS)
  • Flashing Speed Signs
  • Electronic Scoreboards
  • School Zone Signs
  • Custom Electronic Signs

Our products are different from our competitors because we guarantee

Superior quality

On-going support

2-year default warranty

Longest service life

Low maintenance costs

Value for money

Skills & Capabilities

Our highly skilled and experienced team have successfully completed over 1000 turnkey projects to date for various Local, State and Federal Government Departments, including the Road, Rail and Aviation sectors, and the Education and Health departments, also Private Sector organisations in Australia and overseas, including the Engineering, Construction, Mining, Transport, Manufacturing and Retail industries.

Our expertise covers all facets of electronic engineering, including: Solar Power, LED, Flip Dot, Fibre Optic, LCD, and RF, using both analogue and digital technologies. We are professional members of ITS Australia and the Parking Association of Australia.

Our company practices the disciplines of ISO 9001 to ensure all products are designed and manufactured to a consistently high standard. Our Engineering and Production team assure the latest technology is continuously being developed and integrated into our products, which are subject to a rigorous Quality Assurance System.

Our continued partnership with our clients is recognition of our high quality products, reliable performance and commitment to our clients and the community.

Some of our Clients include:





















Whenever you need a contract manufacturer to build a product to exact specifications, or an expert team to research, design and develop a product for the marketplace, A.D. Engineering International will be there to deliver your project to the highest industry standards.

A.D. Engineering International is located in Perth, Western Australia, where we design, manufacture and assemble our full range of electronic products.
For further information on our extensive signage solutions and on-going support, please call us today on 1800 048 700 or +61 8 9406 5700, or email us at info@adengineering.com.au
When quality, performance and product life count, we’re there to help!

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