AD350 Flip-Dot Variable Message Sign is a great information or architectural feature display for indoor areas. The display can be customised to meet your specific requirements and we can provide a range of dot sizes, dot colours and custom display resolutions. Display sizes can range from small desk mounted to huge stadium display. Our driving technology is able to flip the dots in near full motion video for amazing effects.

The monochrome dot display is capable of displaying text and graphics with extremely low standby power consumption, as they only use power when they flip. Once flipped, they remain in their flipped state without consuming any power. The light reflecting dot elements provide excellent visibility over a wide range of ambient light conditions. Visibility increases with an increase in the ambient light level. Additional illumination is not needed during day time and only small external illumination is required at night.

The display is controlled via a software application and can also be set up to be remotely and securely controlled via the internet.


  • Low power consumption while displaying message
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Highly visible single colour dot display
  • Combined text and graphics capability
  • Long life reliability
  • PC software to control and edit displays
  • High speed driver can operate display for moving images
  • Designed to meet customers’ requirements

Flip-Dot Variable Message Signs Brochure

Optional Features

  • Remotely controllable
  • Interfacing to other control systems

Flip-Dot Variable Message Signs

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