Truck traffic management systems – DIER’s traffic control system at Tasmania’s truck stations and Fremantle Port’s traffic congestion management system

The Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources (DIER) is looking to improve Tasmania’s traffic control system at their truck checking stations. We were commissioned to design and manufacture several customized LED signs, such as our Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS) and Variable Message Signs (VMS) with streams connections that integrate with their own current control system.

Our prior experience developing a complex truck congestion management system for the Fremantle Port made it easy for us to understand DIER’s own control system. Also our experienced in-house engineering and production team is capable of building any electronic signage and system to meet customers’ specific requirements.

The Fremantle Port project involved the implementation of several variable message signs integrated with touch screen driver checking stations, license plate recognition and web-based control system. This integrated system allowed trucks to be automatically identified and information recorded on a database management system. Trucks queue up for jobs and wait for their truck to be called on the various message boards on site.  We developed the software that ties all of the components in this site together and this traffic management system allowed information to be organised and delivered in a timely and efficient manner, resulting in a reliable and smooth traffic management operation.

A.D. Engineering International has extensive experience with projects of all sizes and we can custom design, manufacture and install any electronic equipment required. The latest technology is continuously being developed and integrated into the suite of our products and our LED signs and control systems are ideal for harsh environmental conditions and are designed for hassle free installation, low maintenance, superior reliability and power efficiency.

Truck Traffic Management LED Sign   Truck Traffic Management Sign - Variable Message Sign / LED Sign   Truck Traffic Management LED Sign - Variable Message Sign

Fremantle Port's truck congestion management system   Fremantle Port's truck congestion management system LED sign   Truck check-in station Fremantle Port