AD305 Flashing Static Road Signs are highly visible and innovative, creating instant awareness of school zone areas where a low speed limit applies at different times of the day. These signs help create safe local traffic conditions for the community and are used to warn motorists to slow down near schools, crosswalks, residential and other high-risk areas.

By seeing the effectiveness of these warning signs on public roads, businesses are now implementing these solutions on their own private roads. For example, these signs have shown to be effective at reducing the occurrence of speeding motorists at mining sites and retirement residential villages.

The AD305 is a simplified version of our Electronic School Zone Signs and it features a static speed limit or crosswalk sign with an embedded, programmable, flashing annulus with a single row of red LEDs. The embedded LED annulus can be time activated to flash between pre-programmed times by the internal clock and calendar scheduling software provided, allowing you to easily set your own times and dates for operation. It can also be fitted with an integral radar unit to activate the annulus to warn speeding motorists.

Our signs can be manufactured as mains or solar powered for 24/7 operation. Low maintenance, ultra-reliability and easy installation make our flashing annulus warning signs the ideal choice for government and private organisations.


  • Ultra-bright and high quality LED annulus
  • Robust vandal resistant and weatherproof design
  • 1 row of programmable flashing annulus in red
  • Date & time controlled operation
  • Automatic night / low ambient light dimming
  • Easy installation & low maintenance requirements
  • Very long service life
  • Conforms to Australian standards

Optional Features

  • Solar powered
  • Integrated radar speed detection
  • Internal data logger (for traffic analysis)
  • 3G/4G remote communication / programming
  • GPS time synchronisation

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Flashing Static Road Signs

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