Lend Lease and A.D. Engineering International working together to develop road signs for South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland road projects

Working in partnership with Lend Lease our company developed various road signs for large road construction projects in Queensland, Southern and Western Australia. This included the Northern Expressway, the Southern Expressway and the Kwinana Freeway projects. Our brief was to design, manufacture and install 48 large Changeable Message Signs (CMS) and 11 Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS) that have been very effective in controlling speeding motorists in those areas.

Our extensive experience building a variety of custom-made CMS enabled us to understand our clients’ specific requirements and develop products that meet projects of any size and scale. Our road signs are capable of working reliably in harsh environmental conditions and are designed for hassle free installation, low maintenance, superior reliability and power efficiency. The logistics of remote site preparation and the transportation and installation of large electronic equipment in a careful and timely manner are all familiar to us.

These projects have significantly benefited freeway users in Adelaide and Perth and reduced traffic congestion and slashed travel times for motorists. “Reducing congestion is vital to improving productivity, lowering business costs and improving the economy to create jobs” said Dean Nalder, WA Minister for Transport.

A.D. Engineering International is very proud to be part of projects of this nature, and to know that our products make a positive impact to motorists and the community.

Northern Expressway Changeable Message Signs Prism Sigm    Northern Expressway Changeable Message Signs Prism Sigm    Northern Expressway Changeable Message Signs Prism Sigm

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