A.D. Engineering International commissioned the world’s largest flip-dot-sign for a U.S. company

A.D. Engineering International is proud to have been selected by this company to build the world’s largest flip-dot-sign for their headquarters in the USA. The giant flip-dot sign is an architectural feature of their newly refurbished building and displays their logo, images, key messages and animated videos.

The gigantic display structure took around four months to build and measures 38 x 6.6 meters, with a total surface area of 250.8 sq m and a total of 55,860 dots. The display is located at their main reception area and the company is taking the opportunity to use this architectural piece to engage and interact with their staff and visitors.

The great benefit of flip dot signs is that they are capable of displaying text and graphics with extremely low standby power consumption as they only use power when they flip. Once flipped, they remain in their flipped state without consuming any power. Additional illumination is not needed during day time and only small external illumination is required at night. This makes our flip dot signs an ideal information or architectural feature display for any indoor areas.

This was a very challenging project for us and our in-house design and manufacture team dealt with many challenges to build a display of this scale. However, when we looked at the finished display in full operation we were very satisfied with the end result. Both, our client and us, could see many more potential ways to leverage the use of this architectural display to engage with their audience. Our client’s recognition of our work, demonstrates our capability to deliver high quality and reliable products and high-performance solutions across the world.

In summary, this project was a milestone step for A.D. Engineering International towards the advertising & promotion world and we are looking forward to further new projects and challenges in this field. Accommodating projects of all sizes, as demonstrated above, we offer complete turnkey solutions for the custom design, manufacture, and installation of electronic equipment to meet customers’ specific requirements.

World’s largest flip-dot-sign for a U.S. company