A.D. Engineering International awarded $3m contract by VicRoads for design and manufacture of 158 Trailer Mounted Electronic Variable Speed Limit Signs

A.D. Engineering International has been awarded a $3m contract by VicRoads for design and manufacture of 158 Trailer Mounted Electronic Variable Speed Limit Signs (TMEVSLS).

These portable electronic signs will be used to convey temporary speed limits and safety instruction messages to motorists on various roadwork sites across Victoria. The new ITS devices will assist road traffic management activities and help improve motorists, road workers and pedestrians’ safety across the roads network.

The trailer mounted electronic speed limit sign has been specifically designed to suit VicRoads requirements, and is compatible with VicRoads’ control system – STREAMS. A.D. Engineering International developed a web-based control system to manage the signs independently of VicRoads control centre. This web-based software will interface with STREAMS to allow VicRoads visibility and control of the signs, along with the road contractor. It will also enable the signs to be controlled remotely without the need for traffic management to access and change the signage.

The new electronic speed limit sign trailer is a stand-alone, solar and battery powered operating device designed for constant operation. It incorporates a full matrix display area capable of displaying alpha numeric and graphic data, allowing virtually any speed to be displayed. The sign features ultra-bright, high-quality, long-life LED technology, impact-resistant polycarbonate screen, high-quality powder-coated aluminium enclosures (IP65), and a high-power solar panel. The trailer is made with aluminium and galvanised steel and receives a durable weather-resistant powder-coat finish.

A.D. Engineering International’s trailers are designed for and ideally suited to Australia’s harsh environmental conditions. It is engineered to be easily transportable and deployed by single operator. The display and solar panel are mounted on a mast, which is lowered during transportation. The solar panel is mounted flat and therefore does not require any additional tilt or rotational setup. Display deployment is easy with a built-in electric linear actuator system which lifts the display screen into position, providing motorists with an unobstructed view of the display. A jockey wheel and four fold-down corner stays level the trailer and make positioning safe and simple for single operator.

The new TMEVSLS is ideal for areas requiring temporary speed limit signs, and is effective in reducing motorists’ speed approaching roadworks or other temporary speed restricted areas.

A.D. Engineering International is Western Australia’s leading manufacturer of high quality electronic equipment for the ITS industry. Over the past 35 years we have specialised in the design and manufacture of electronic equipment to provide information, traffic control and road safety. This includes Solar-powered full-colour transportable variable message signs (VMS), Full-colour LED signs (pole or gantry mounted), Flip-dot VMS, Changeable message signs, Variable speed limit signs, Radar speed displays, Speed alert mobile (SAM) trailer, School zone signs, Portable traffic signals, Ramp control and Lane use signals, Car parking signs and monitoring systems, GPS Synchronised Digital clocks and many more custom electronic signs.

We are not an importer of electronic signs – we manufacture 100% in Australia! We are committed to produce the most innovative, reliable and longest service life electronic equipment for the ITS industry.

Trailer mounted electronic variable speed limit sign      Trailer mounted electronic variable speed limit sign deployed