Shopping centres and retail precincts are all about retail sales and their survival relies on attracting customers to their stores and increase their dollar spending. With increasing competition, it is crucial for retail precincts to have highly visible and cutting-edge signage that delivers effective messages that attract and engage customers and most importantly promote sales! A vibrant and busy shopping centre precinct with great traffic flow is a sign of retail success.

So, how about having a custom-made “All-in-one: Architectural piece, Communication channel and Advertising platform” which is capable of showcasing high quality images and messages?

Our LED signs create a vibrant and exciting retail precint. Passing traffic will notice the brightness of your LED screens and your message will stand out grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Point of Sale Advertising with high quality pylon LED Signs


How can you use our must-have LED Signs?

  • Run the latest news
  • Real time communication with your target audience
  • Attract impulse shoppers with promotions and special deals
  • Showcase multimedia presentations and engage shoppers with interactive content
  • Establish your shopping centre brand and community presence
  • Promote your shopping centre activities and special events e.g. seasonal themes like Christmas or Mother’s day, lottery jackpots and even available retail lease opportunities
  • Help your tenants promote their brands, products and special deals. The more you help them sell, the more loyal they become, which in turn will increase retail shop lease
  • Weekly specials become simple to update, competitions and special offers can be advertised easily, and even changed daily if required
  • Vivid and attractive advertising that you control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Unlike TV/Newspapers ads, “Point of sale advertising” can pay for itself as you can rent space on the sign to your tenants. Perhaps local government may be interested in renting space to advertise community events. Also suppliers to the supermarket chains may be interested in advertising new and existing products. This enables a far quicker return on investment with advertising revenue quickly off-setting the cost of your LED sign investment.

Below are some mock-up examples of our LED Signs:

Subway pylon LED sign    Collie  pylon LED sign    Harvey Norman pylon LED sign

A.D. Engineering International is Australia’s leading manufacturer of high quality electronic equipment. We are committed to producing the most innovative, reliable and longest service life indoor and outdoor signage solutions. We provide our clients with on-going support and back-up service for the life of the product.

If you’re after a mobile LED Sign solution… we also manufacture Full Colour Transportable Variable Message Signs which features a large 2.82m x 1.28m full matrix LED display area capable of showcasing high quality images, graphics and text. Being mobile means it can be easily moved to any location around your shopping centre.

Please call us today on 1800 048 700 or +61 8 6401 6292 to discuss your specific requirements and to hear about our extensive signage solutions, on-going support and innovative funding solutions.