A.D. Engineering International has successfully delivered several “Car Parking Guidance Signs and Integration Systems” which have been in operation for many years. Our product and system’s reliable performance is the result of our in-house engineering and our production team’s expertise , ensuring the latest technology is continuously being developed and implemented using only the highest quality materials  in our manufacturing process. All our products are endorsed with a 2-year default warranty and on-going support and, based on our previous experience, customers can expect a long service life of more than 15 years. Our products are capable of working reliably even in harsh environmental conditions, from the cold of Tasmania to the heat of Port Headland.

Our car park signs and related system can be mains or solar powered, depending on site suitability and power requirements. We can create stand-alone parking applications to manage the signs and vehicle counts or we can integrate our signs with existing parking systems. Over the years, we have successfully integrated our signs with other parking systems, such as Skidata, S&B (Scheidt & Bachmann), Cellopark, Indect and Designa.

Our vehicle detection system is monitored by counting loop stations and a central control system which provides up-to-date parking availability information to visitors via our electronic displays. This type of system minimises traffic congestion and is also able to redirect some of the traffic flow to less congested areas.

Some of our projects included Curtin University (WA), Burswood Resort (WA), Town of Claremont (WA), City of Maribyrong (VIC), Southbank Corporation (QLD) and Parramatta City Council (NSW).

A.D. Engineering International is a leading manufacturer of high quality electronic equipments, signs, signals and displays to promote information, traffic control and road safety in Australia. We have the capability and resources to accommodate projects of all sizes and we can custom design, manufacture and install electronic equipment to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Please contact us to find out more about our extensive signage capabilities and on-going support.

Claremont Car Parking Signs and System    Claremont Car Parking Sign and System

Parramatta Car Parking Sign and System   Curtin Car Parking Sign and System    Burswood Car Parking Sign and System