A.D. Engineering International is proud to be part of WA’s biggest road project to date.

As part of the ITS Technology, A.D. Engineering International was selected by Downer Mouchel to supply 16 large overhead gantry style Variable Message Signs (VMS) which will be mounted on the approaches to and along the mentioned highways. The variable message signs consist of 7 x Type C (approx 10 x 2.2 meters) and 9 x Type B (approx 9 x 2.2 meters).


A.D. Engineering International’s gantry mounted VMS feature an ultra-bright full matrix LED display designed for high visibility and capable of displaying large format text and graphics certain to catch road users’ attention. Road users will benefit from up-to-date information and traffic advice such as current traffic and weather conditions on the highway, safety messages and upcoming events (similar to the current system on the freeway).


There are two main differences between these new signs and previous installations:

1.Pictogram/Multi-colour display area in the left corner of the sign – The new featured area is capable of displaying symbolic road signs such as green/red arrows, road closed, road works, no U-turn, etc. The integration of colour-coded symbolic road signs helps road users to quickly assimilate the message displayed.

2.Two-colour main display with yellow and white text/graphics (previously only yellow)


A.D. Engineering International has extensive experience with projects of this nature and we have the capabilities and resources to meet customers’ specific requirements. Our turnkey solutions encompass the whole scope of the project from custom-design and manufacture through to installation, commissioning and on-going support. We are familiar with the logistics of remote site preparation and the transportation of large electronic equipment in a careful and timely manner for installation and commissioning on site.


The 1st of 16 signs has been installed on the 16th July 2015 on the Tonkin Highway South near the Dunreath Drive Bridge. The second sign installation is scheduled for this week and the remaining spread across the following weeks.


The first gantry variable message sign for the Gateway WA project has been installed with a further 15 to be installed over the coming weeks.

The variable message signs showcase the latest in intelligent transport system technology with increased functionality and the ability to display two colour text and four colour pictures as required.

The first sign has been erected between the Great Eastern Highway and the Tonkin Highway / Dunreath Drive interchange and will be in operation in the coming months.

When in use, road users will be provided real time traffic information such as expected travel times, congestion information and details of any incidents that have taken place on the network.

Gateway WA first gantry VMS installed     Gateway WA project first gantry VMS installed The-Gateway-WA-project-1-300x231The-Gateway-WA-project-3-300x218The-Gateway-WA-project-2-300x222

For the Gateway WA project, the installation of the intelligent transport system technology involves:

  • 30km of optic fibre cables
  • 42 CCTV cameras
  • 16 variable message signs
  • 125 vehicle detection sites

A coordinated approach from project members and multiple contractors will oversee the placement of the remaining variable message signs and other technology across the project site.